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Is Your Toxic Environment Leading To Toxic Behaviors?

When I stumbled upon this blog post by DCulberhouse on Twitter, I recognize the truth in how damaging toxic environments can be especially in places likes schools were so much depends upon how well the adults within the community collaborate with one another. As you read this blog post, see if you recognize any of the behaviors mentioned. What can we do to eradicate toxic behaviors in our schools? tlbtoxic behavior


In toxic, dysfunctional environments people will seek their own safety and best interests…no matter how great the vision of the organization.

Trust is not a by-product of a great organizational culture, rather, it serves as its very foundation.  When trust is absent, when trust no longer exists, it is not only the organization that becomes toxic and dysfunctional…very often, so do many of the actions of the people within.

What we fail to realize, until it is often too late, is that most toxic and dysfunctional organizations have been infected with what is known as the ‘creep and seep‘.  Which is when fear, mistrust, politics, agendas, ‘creep’ and slowly ‘seep‘ into the very fabric of the environment and culture.  Which ultimately affects the attitudes and behaviors of all within the organization.

Cultures that were once open, supportive, even positive…quickly become closed, careful, and calculating.


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