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Unrealistic Expectations: Does ADHD Medication Make a Lasting Difference to Academic Achievement?

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Schools have been working with children with symptoms of hyperactivity for decades; however, the management of hyperactivity (particularly ADHD) has changed drastically especially when it comes to the treatment of symptoms. In the US today, “11% of children between 4 and 17 years-old have been diagnosed with the disorder.” According to studies, “between half and two-thirds of those [diagnosed] are put on medication, a decision often influenced by a child’s difficulties at school.” Given this data, I am encouraged by recent studies that suggest despite “the widespread use of stimulant medications to treat hyperactivity” there is growing evidence that we may have unrealistic expectations regarding the lasting impact of ADHD medication on academic achievement. Learn more from Katherine Sharpe’s blog post from tlb


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2 comments on “Unrealistic Expectations: Does ADHD Medication Make a Lasting Difference to Academic Achievement?

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