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Does Spelling Count? | Edutopia



In order to answer this question, blogger Shira Loewenstein asks an essential question: what would happen if you were to eliminate subjects in your classroom? Eliminating any subject in the classroom is like denying a student the opportunity they need to be great. The subjects that we teach everyday matter because when we teach students to read, add, analyze data, research, and yes even spell; we give students the tools necessary to be doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, farmers, and engineers. Ultimately, like Shira, I believe the “role of school is to advance the capacity for learning and knowledge of our students.” Therefore, the question is not whether or not spelling counts (some are asking if music education matters); the question should be whether or not we are expanding students’ capacity to learn regardless of the subject being taught. I agree with Shira. Spelling counts because (like all the subjects we teach) it counts in so many areas of our lives. tlb




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