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Are Schools Really Ready for the Latest in Technology?

Are Schools Really Ready for the Latest in Technology?

I saw a tweet this morning that I want to share today on principalaim because it asks a fundamental question about technology use in our schools. The tweet from struck me because it implied a question of schools readiness/ability to accommodate a growing number of students using multiple mobile devices outside the classroom every day. Why did this question strike me so? Because I worry not every school is ready for the onslaught of students in our schools who will demand a very high level of understanding and readiness from teachers when it comes to technology usage in the classroom. I am certain that many schools have successfully integrated specific kinds of technology into their classrooms (computer, laptop, and iPad). However, I am less certain of where we are when it comes to the multitude of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, hand-held video devices for instance) currently being used in our classrooms and schools every day. The truth of the matter is that many schools cannot afford to keep up with the pace of technology; therefore, my concern is born from a practical not critical place about technology use in many schools. I will say that if we, as an industry, do not find a way to train our teachers, build an infrastructure where technology can support and enhance learning, as well as fund the latest technology many of our schools will find themselves behind the curve and answering tough questions from students and parents. tlb


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