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Classic Literature for Children

Starting with the Classics

If you are searching for good literature for very young children then take a look at BabyLit and Cozy Classics. Early childhood educators have always loved and used board books. In recent years, book store chains like Barnes & Noble have made board books a huge seller for parents and teachers of young children. Now with the introduction of the BabyLit and Cozy Classics board book series folks are running to these sites to buy these durable books for children. I am especially excited about this news because many of the series have adapted several of my favorite classic titles like: Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Moby Dick, Romeo and Juliet, and Dracula to name a few. I also share this news because I hope to encourage parents and teachers to think about adding these books to your library. Exposing children to great literature is essential to growing life-long readers.  It is never too early to share a good piece of literature.  Enjoy!  tlb


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