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You are not a silo!

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Universal Skills All Learners Should Know How to Do

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
This morning I was thinking about the things that all young people should know how to do regardless of income, geographical location, life goals,…

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Looking for an online summer course? Try SlideRule!

How many of you are familiar with SlideRule? Apparently, SlideRule “allows you to search a ton of online courses in the subject area that interests you.” In an attempt to … Continue reading

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Summer Planning: Identifying the Right MOOC for You

It is hard to believe that July is just around the corner, and in the life of a teacher that means the summer is nearly over. If you are still making … Continue reading

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Summer Planning: Do You Have a PLN?

Three years ago, if a friend had asked me if I had a PLN, I would have answered with a resounding NO! Three short years ago, I didn’t think I had the time or … Continue reading

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Tips for Starting the New School Year

Believe it or not the start of the new school year is just around the corner. Many of you have developed a successful routine to start the school year that has … Continue reading

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