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Comfort Zone

Put Children First!

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Create a Culture for Success

What should we do when the environment isn’t right for all students?

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Planning for the Future

Something to remember as we prepare students for the future.

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The Power of Imagination

I believe it is essential to foster a child’s imagination … “Knowledge without imagination is never enough.” tlb     Source

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Kindergartners Explore Through Project Learning | Edutopia

As many schools grapple with the question of student centered (or learner centered) education, Auburn Early Education Center, in Auburn, Alabama has decided to put words into action. Using a … Continue reading

January 10, 2014 · 1 Comment

“Inquiry means …

“Inquiry means living in the soup. Inquiry means living in that uncomfortable space where we don’t know the answer.” Chris Lehmann, Founding Principal – Science Leadership Academy I discovered a … Continue reading

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