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Striking a Healthy Balance

  Finding the right balance is never easy, but it is so worth it in the lives of children. tlb Source 

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Exploration and Discovery

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Preserving Play

“There has to be an emphasis on teaching reading and math in early childhood classrooms, but we should never allow the invasion of the academic to restrict the ways that … Continue reading

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Power of Curiosity

Curiosity is essential in the lives of children. tlb Source

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Essentials of Play

We should stop talking about play as an extra; a transition between lunch and math. Play is a fundamentally important part of every child’s school day. Let’s make sure play … Continue reading

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Principalaim Top 13 Blog Posts of 2013

No one could have told me how much fun I would have starting my own blog last year. Principalaim has grown in a very short time thanks to the tremendous … Continue reading

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Movement is NOT a Reward

Movement is NOT a Reward. Boy was I excited when I discovered this post on twitter this morning. Educators have long understood the importance of movement as not only a … Continue reading

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Are We Overscheduling Young Children?

Are We or Aren’t We Overscheduling Young Children In the last year, I feel as if there is once again a conversation among educators and parents about how much is … Continue reading

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Clouds and Daffodils: Visual Images and the Writing Process

One of my favorite poets is William Wordsworth, and his poem, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, was a particular favorite. I love the images of “a dancing breeze, trees and … Continue reading

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Let’s Let Our Children Play

Originally posted on Mummy Says…:
There are many things my toddler is good at, but when it comes to playtime, the Little Mister has got it sorted. He’s 18-months-old, and…

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