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Outdoor & Environmental Sustainability: Resource Roundup

If you follow principalaim then you know how much I love sharing resources with teachers and administrators. One of my favorite sites for everything school related is Edutopia. Each month, Edutopia … Continue reading

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What Does Kindle Unlimited Mean for the Classroom?

Jeff Bezos and Amazon have done it again. Friday, July 18th was the official launch of Bezos’ latest creation – Kindle Unlimited. The launch of Kindle Unlimited is the talk of the … Continue reading

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Looking for an online summer course? Try SlideRule!

Originally posted on TeachBytes:
As always, when this time of year rolls around, I find myself browsing the MOOCs for a new and engaging way to spend some of my…

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    With just three simple sentences and 12 single words, late tennis great Arthur Ashe leaves a powerful message for adults and children alike. The most powerful part of his message … Continue reading

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Effective Parent Communication

Establishing and maintaining a healthy working relationship with parents is even more important and easy in the 21st century. Thanks to the advances in technology, it isn’t a question of … Continue reading

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Summer Planning: 10 Things to Do This Summer to Advance Your Career

There are educators who will look at this post and think – this list does not work for me because I am a teacher. Well I am here to tell you … Continue reading

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The Future of Education Comes Down to This

As politicians, parents, and business executives fight over the future of education – I ask educators to remember who we serve. In order to ensure that all of our schools … Continue reading

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