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Putting Kids First!

Does your school mission put the needs of kids first? tlb  

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Developing Effective Instructional Strategies for Students (especially in the study of Math)  

While attending a meeting at school, I saw the best thing ever. We were in a deep discussion about ways to foster the authentic learning habits of our students when a member … Continue reading

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Ignore Emotional Intelligence at Your Own Risk

Originally posted on HBR Blog Network – Harvard Business Review:
Call it Grant vs. Goleman. Two academic heavyweights face off on a topic that every student of leadership and HR…

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The Digital Divide

  A little tech humor.  tlb Source

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Coding as Cursive 2.0

Why is coding the latest hot topic in education? I believe it has everything to do with how we make use of technology in the 21st century. Like Washington Post … Continue reading

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Taking Risks


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Staying Relevant for Each Generation of Learners

Mr. Dewey had it right then and it’s still relevant in the 21st century. tlb Source  

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