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“Re-branding” Failure in Schools

If you are a regular visitor to principalaim then you already know how important I believe it is to teach students to embrace failure (viewing mistakes as tools for success). … Continue reading

September 29, 2014 · Leave a comment

15 Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer)

Last spring, Edutopia blogger, Vicki Davis published a great resource for anyone interested in teaching students to code with or without a computer. The notion that we can teach students … Continue reading

September 24, 2014 · 2 Comments

Embracing Diversity II

I discovered this image earlier today on Twitter, and it stayed with me the rest of the day.  What I wouldn’t give to have every student in my school understand and embody … Continue reading

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Embracing Diversity

Embracing diversity is an essential element of a good school! Let’s help students understand how important it is to accept the differences in each other as we learn to “swim … Continue reading

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Technology Second

      I discovered this great photo on twitter over the weekend, and it encapsulates what teachers do to ensure learning happens first. Technology is a tool that we … Continue reading

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Identifying Good Schools

In August, 2014, Washington Post writer, Jay Mathews, shared an article that he wrote 14 years ago offering advice to parents about ways to identify good schools. Given the changes … Continue reading

September 14, 2014 · 3 Comments

Do’s and Don’t of Classroom Management: Resources from Edutopia

Educators everywhere know how important it is to establish systems and procedures within the classroom. Even with this knowledge, managing a classroom can be one of the most challenging things for … Continue reading

September 14, 2014 · 3 Comments

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