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Modernizing Instruction

Like many fellow educators, I am always looking for the “best practices” in teaching.  I recently discovered a blog post from TeachThought that provides 8 tips to help teachers better understand how … Continue reading

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Student Engagement

The key to student engagement is simple. It is about knowing our students “beyond the surface level.” Let’s design learning environments that give teachers a chance to really know their … Continue reading

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What feedback is and isn’t

Originally posted on Granted, and…:
The research is clear: good feedback is essential to learning at high levels. Alas, too few people understand what feedback is and isn’t. Don’t believe…

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A Happy Place of Learning

“Kids who fall in love with life are sure to succeed” – Dr. Eric Knost Dr. Eric Knost could not have said it better except I believe kids who fall … Continue reading

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Caring For Our Teachers

  I have the best job in the world. Unfortunately, according to a new Gallup report of educators featured on, many educators do not share this sentiment. In fact, the survey reports “nearly 7 … Continue reading

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Life Lesson

Make this a major part of your lesson planning each day. tlb Source

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Are “Vision” and “Division” Opposing Forces at Your School?

Originally posted on The Learning Pond:
How long have I used the terms “vision” and “division” in schools and not seen both the linguistic and practical dissonance between the two?…

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